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More diversity = better results!

IT'S 2021! Time to involve the younger generation in strategic decisions.

We help set up participation committees with outstanding digital natives from a wide variety of backgrounds (IT, startup, creative industries, Fridays for Future...).

  •     On a selective basis on specific issues (e.g. feedback on social media presence, employer branding, sustainability)

  •     Also regularly in management boards

  •     Or as an upstream sounding board for board meetings, supervisory boards, etc.


Have topics challenged by a digital native sounding board in an uncomplicated way and gain new ideas


Decisions are validated from the perspective of the customer, citizen and employee of tomorrow


Selective use for specific issues or regularly as a supplement to management boards


Outstanding digital natives with diverse backgrounds and experience interacting with sophisticated decision makers

Millennial Board that

"Let topics be challenged quickly and easily from a digital native perspective and gain new perspectives"

Implementing MILLENNIAL BOARDS in your own organization

A Millennial Board is a quick-win and can be implemented in your own organization with little resource investment. We are happy to support you with the set-up - we bring several years of experience with a wide variety of organizations and complexities. In addition to conceptual support, we bring our matching tool as well as inspiring digital natives with experience in dealing with demanding decision makers.

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