Get in touch with the future generation on a new level!


It's 2020. Time to engage the young generation further! is a digital native network for digital culture and innovation. We take the exchange between generations to a whole new level.



With our intelligent matching tool, we find the right talents for your respective project.

Reverse Mentoring

Understanding the customers and employees of tomorrow. We provide support in setting up and implementing reverse mentoring programs.


Engaging the future generation. We support you in setting up advisory boards and selecting outstanding digital natives.

Gen-Z CO-Creation

Inspiring exchange from and with the young generation. We organize co-creation programs, speed dating and future workshops.

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about us

We founded to promote dialogue between the generations and develop new solutions together.  Generations Y and Z are "native speakers" in the digital world and will soon make up the majority of customers and employees. However, many companies are not yet completely geared up for this. We are bridging this gap.

We provide transformation with refreshingly new approaches such as reverse mentoring, GenZ-Speed Datings, and Future workshops. With our unique and specially designed matching tool, we help to find outstanding profiles for each specific project. 

With us, there is no consulting blabla. No change esoterics. Our focus is on authentic experiences and tangible results.

Shaping the future with digital 8 .ai

"Naturally, it is better to learn a foreign language directly from a native speaker, than from someone who took a language course 10 years ago."


We are digital by DNA, creative and in love with changing environments. We offer access to the most important resource of the 21st century: exceptional talents with a digital mindset.

We're working as a lean and unconventional network. This enables us to support you quickly, precisely and inexpensively.

  • Fresh & innovative: Understanding and learning through direct exchange with digital "native speakers", the customers and employees of the future.

  • Flexible: Our services are flexibly portionable, innovative and uncomplicated to implement

  • Affordable: We can offer a unbeatable value for every budget

In person or on screen -
We've got the "WOW" factor 

No matter whether it is the annual meeting of a DAX company's executives, trend workshops for SMEs, or virtual reverse mentoring with bishops and mayors: We find a tailored solution for our customers

for every size, every need and every challenge.